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Government Of Assam Labour Welfare

Citizen Charter


    The Labour Department was constituted as an independent department in the year 1951. Till then it was a part of Judicial Department. Soon after the constitution as an independent department, The Chief Inspectorate of Factories and Chief inspectorate of Boilers and the administrative control of the Labour Courts and Industrial Tribunals constituted under the provisions of Industrial Dispute Act, 1947 were also brought under the administrative control of the Labour Department. The Labour Department was renamed as Labour& Employment Department with effect from 10-07-1981. A Research Cell was also created in the year 1977 to help the administrative department in matters pertaining to Labour Courts and in numerous court cases. The Labour & Employment Department was then bifurcated in Oct,2016 and renamed as Labour & Welfare Department.

    Two autonomous bodies namely the Assam Tea Plantations Provident Fund, Pension fund and the Insurance Fund Organization with a board of trustees and the Assam Tea Employees Welfare Board which are running under the administrative control of the Labour& Welfare Department.

    This Citizen Charter is prepared so that the citizens can avail the services rendered by the department smoothly and in a transparent manner.


    To ensure justice, dignity and descent pay to the working class and to create employment opportunities for the unemployed within a stipulated time frame.


    (1) To provide justice, social equality, adequate working conditions and equality of work to different sections of workers.
    (2) To prevent child labour and eradicate child labour by the year 2019.
    (3) To improve the conditions of the working mass through implementation of the welfare measures enshrined in the legislations.
    (4) Mitigation of the level of confrontation between the employers/employees by the way of peaceful and meaningful negotiation.
    (5) Redressal of Grievances of the labourers in the field of their work on the basis of law and to punish .


    (1) To ensure welfare amenities and various labour legislations to all section of workers in organized/unorganized sectors through enforcement of various labour laws.
    (2) To ensure good relationship between employers and employees by mitigating the level of confrontation through speedy settlement of dispute and grievances.
    (3) To eradicate child labour from the state by detecting and rescuing child labours from all prohibited sectors and to prosecute such employers.


    (1) The Directorates under this department:
    * The Labour Commissionerate.
    * The Chief Inspectorate of Factories.
    * The Chief Inspectorate of Boilers.
    * The Administrative Medical Officer, ESI scheme.
    (2) Citizens.
    (3) Non-Governmental Organizations(NGO’s).
    (4) Contractors.
    (5) Suppliers.
    (6) Labour Organizations/ Trade Unions.


    (1) Issuing Administrative Approval.
    (2) Issuance of Ceiling .
    (3) Issuance of Sanction.
    (4) Grant of Leave( Earned Leave, Medical Leave, Child Care Leave etc.).
    (5) Medical Reimbursement.
    (6) Forwarding of Pension papers/Family Pension papers/Provisional Pension/GPF Final Withdrawal to the Office of the Accountant General, Assam.
    (7) Issuance of Leave Travel Concession(LTC).
    (8) No Objection Certificate(NOC) for foreign tour.
    (9) No Objection Certificate(NOC) for applying Indian Passport.
    (10) Retention of Temporary/Casual employees.
    (11) Appointment of Officers.
    (12) Financial Up gradation under Assured Career Progression Scheme(ACPS).
    (13) Referral of Industrial disputes to appropriate court of law for adjudication.


    1Medical Reimbursement

    1. Admissibility report from Joint Director of Health Services of respective district.
    2. Referral Medical Certificate from referral board(if treatment is done in a referral hospital)
    3. Final Bill in original along with countersigned with seal of concerned doctor/authority.
    4. Bill Voucher in original with countersigned by concerned doctors/authority.
    5. Discharge Certificate.
    6. Photocopy of GPF/PPO/NPS certificate.
    7. Essentiality Certificate.
    8. Budget Allocation.
    9. Photocopy of Bank Passbook.

    30 daysNILAddl. Chief Secretary/ Secretary
    2NOC for Foreign Tour

    1. Recommendation from concerned Directorate/Commissionerate/Inspectorate.
    2. NOC format.
    3. Assets and Property Details.
    4. Delegation of duty during leave.
    5. Invitation letter(in case of attending a letter).
    6. Abstract copy of the presentation(if presenting any paper in a conference).
    7. Approval of Hon’ble Chief Minister.

    20 daysNILAddl. Chief Secretary
    3NOC for applying Indian Passport

    1. Assets and Property details
    2. Bio-data including father’s name, present & permanent address, initial date of entry into government service.
    3. 3(three) passport size photographs.
    4. Photocopy of Identity Card
    5. Photocopy of Pan Card.

    20 daysNILAddl. Chief Secretary/Secretary
    4Issuance of LTC

    1. Application through Controlling Officer and should be submitted at least 15 days prior to proposed date of journey.
    2. Purpose and mode of Travel along with proposed place of visit.
    3. Particulars of depending family members along with age accompanying the applicant.
    4. Certification of non-avail of LTC previously.

    7 daysNILAddl. Chief Secretary/Secretary
    5Issuance of Administrative Approval

    1. Budget Provision
    2. Priority List of Schemes.
    3. Plan and Estimate.
    4. Availability of Land for Works

    30 daysNILAddl. Chief Secretary
    6Issuance of financial sanction

    1. Budget Provisions.
    2. Priority List of Schemes.
    3. Plan and Estimate.
    4. Technical Sanction.
    5. Physical progress with photographic evidence.

    30 daysNILAddl. Chief Secretary
    7Issuance of Ceiling

    1. Ceiling Demand Proposal from concerned DDO.
    2. Ceiling Demand Form no. C signed by controlling officer.
    3. Copy of Administrative approval, Financial Sanction, Bill Voucher ,Challanetc
    4. Utilization Certificate of previous year.
    5. Completion Certificate (in respect of works).
    6. Photographs (in respect of works).
    7. Checklists prescribed by Finance Department.

    30 daysNILAddl. Chief Secretary

    1. Ascertain of vacancy position.
    2. Administrative Approval.
    3. Concurrence of Finance (SIU) Department.
    4. Advertisement.
    5. Selection Process.
    6. Appointment Procedure.
    7. Recommendations of APSC in respect of gazetted employees.

      Addl. Chief Secretary

    1. Proposal from concerned Directorate/Commissionerate/Inspectorate.
    2. Post Creation letter.
    3. Last Retention Letter.
    4. Incumbency List from prescribed form.
    5. Concurrence of Finance (EC-III) Department.
    6. Budget Provision.

    30 daysNILAddl. Chief Secretary
    10Forwarding of Pension Papers to the Accountant General, Assam

    1. Form No.19
    2. Form No. 1(duly attested by HOD).
    3. Form No. 1-A (details of family members duly attested by HOD).
    4. Form No. 2(duly attested by HOD).
    5. Service Book.
    6. No Demand Certificate from the Estate Officer.
    7. 3(Three) Copies of joint photographs of the retired Govt. employee and his wife duly attested.
    8. 2(Two) copies of Specimen Signature.
    9. Last Pay Certificate incorporating the GPF number.

    30 daysNILAddl. Chief Secretary/Secretary
    11Forwarding of Family Pension Papers to the Accountant General, Assam

    1. Form No.3 (duly signed by the spouse of the deceased Govt. Servant or by the legal guardian duly attested by gazetted officer.
    2. Form No.10
    3. Form No.20(details of service for assessing pension & DCRG duly signed by the HOD).
    4. Form No.21
    5. Last Pay Certificate incorporating GPF number.
    6. Nomination of Gratuity (Form No.12 or 13, 14 or 15 as the case may be duly signed by the govt. servant before his death duly signed by HOD.
    7. Duly attested Photographs, Descriptive Roll, Specimen Signature (3 copies each) of the Family Pensioner should be enclosed.
    8. Death Certificate.
    9. Legal Heir Certificate

    30 daysNILAddl. Chief Secretary/Secretary
    12Group Insurance Scheme(GIS)

    1. Application forwarded by the concerned Directorate/Commissionerate/Inspectorate in respect of the Govt.Servant.
    2. Form No.III
    3. Monthly Statements duly attested by gazatted officer

    20 daysNILAddl. Chief Secretary/Secretary
    13Forwarding of Application for final withdrawal of GPF to the Accountant General, Assam

    1. Form B.
    2. Original GPF subscription statement.
    3. Specimen Signature.
    4. 3(Three) copies of Photograph.
    5. Non-Drawal Certificate of GPF Advance of the last 12 months till the date of retirement/death of the Govt. Servant.

    20 daysNILAddl. Chief Secretary/Secretary
    14Leave Encashment

    1. Application forwarded by the concerned Directorate/Commissionerate/Inspectorate in respect of the Govt.Servant.
    2. Leave Admissibility Report(LAR) from AG

    30 days Addl. Chief Secretary/Secretary
    15Assured Career Progression Scheme(ACPS) for Financial up gradation

    1. Application forwarded by the concerned Directorate/Commissionerate/Inspectorate in respect of the Govt.Servant.
    2. Statement showing date of joining into Govt.Service and other details.
    3. Guidelines of the Finance Deparment Notification.
    4. Recommendations of the ACPS committee.

    30 days Addl. Chief Secretary/Secretary/Addl.Secretary
    16Referral of industrial disputes to Labour Courts/Industrial Tribunals for adjudication.

    1. Failure Report under section 12(4) of the Industrial Dispute Act,1947
    2. Views of the Labour Commissioner regarding merit of the dispute to be referred for adjudication.

    30 days Addl. Chief Secretary/Secretary/Addl Secretary
    17Right To Information

    1. Application under RTI Act,2005
    2. IPO

    30 daysRs.10/-Addl Secretary/ Deputy Secretary
    18Right to Public Service(RTPS)   Addl. Chief Secretary/Secretary
    19Uploading of Acts/Rules/OM/Circulars   Addl. Chief Secretary/Secretary
    20Uploading of Website Weekly Joint Secretary/Deputy Secretary


    Sl. No.NameDesignationOfficeMobileEmail.Fax
    1Shri J N Pegu, ACSSecretary-cum-first appellate authority 9435357667jnpegu@gmail.com, 
    2Shri Omar Ali Badshah, ACSSPIO & Deputy Secy. to Govt. of Assam 9435062558omar.badshah46@gmail.com 
    3Shri Shri Rupeswar PatarAPIO & Deputy Secy. to the Govt. of Assam 9706046131rupeswar1961@gmail.com 


    Grievances may be submitted online at labourandemploymentdept@gmail.com. Grievances on plain paper may be submitted to Shri Omar Ali Badshah, Deputy Secretary, Labour& Welfare Department, Block-D, Third Floor, Assam Secretariat, Dispur, Guwahati-781006. His contact no is 9435062558.

    If not satisfied then complaints may be submitted to Shri J.N Pegu, Secretary,Labour& Welfare Department, E Block, 2nd Floor, Assam Secretariat, Dispur, Guwahati-781006. His contact no is 9435357667and his e-mail is – jnpegu@gmail.com


    Any Client/ Stakeholder shall have the right to a service or business which has been specified in the Citizens Charter provided the particular client or stakeholder fulfills other conditions that may require for the service or transaction of business.


    * Submission of full particulars while submitting any proposal for any service or transaction of business.
    * Timely submission of views / concurrence from clients without which the department is handicapped to provide the service and complete the transaction of business.
    * Submission of complete precise and factual grievances.
    * Provide identification preferably by giving their telephone no. /email ID for follow up.
    * Avoid anonymous grievances.


    During the course of transaction of any business or providing any service to any citizen, the department shall inform the concerned CITIZENS / STAKEHOLDERS in case need of any additional information for completion of the transaction of business. The department shall keep an eye on the monitoring and reporting of the various transactions so that timeline set can be strictly adhered to and in case of non-adherence , the department shall take appropriate and corrective measures to strictly follow the standards set by itself.


    * Acknowledgement - within 2 working days
    * Redress of grievance – One month from the date of receipt of Grievance / receipt of clarification, if any.



    The following rules, regulation, manual and instructions are used by the department in discharging its functions:

    1. Assam Rules of Executive Business, 1968 (amended upto 31st March,2006)
    2. Manual of Office Procedure, Secretariat, 1981
    3. Assam Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary Rules
    4. Assam Financial Rules
    5. Financial Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2005
    6. Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1999
    7. Assam Contingency Manual
    8. Assam Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1964
    9. Hand Book of General Circular, 1995 Volumes - I & II
    10. Assam (Civil Services) Conduct Rule, 1965
    11. Protocol Manual, 1991
    12. Assam S.C & S.T (Reservation of vacancies and post) Act & Rules 1978
    13. Assam Preferential Stores Purchase Act, 1989
    14. Right to Information Act, 2005 and Rules framed there under
    15. Assam Right to Public Services Act 2012 and Rules framed there under
    16. The Rules of procedure and conduct of business of Assam Legislative Assembly.


    This citizen charter will be reviewed annually. Any suggestions in this regard may be sent to Smt. KavyashreeMahanta, Joint Secretary, Labour& Employment Department, Block-D, Third Floor, Assam Secretariat, Dispur, Guwahati-781006.


    Citizen Charter
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